IV International Scientific and Practical Conference

Cooperation to support the development of corporate social responsibility for green business and economic growth

Russian University of Cooperation, Mytishchi, Russia

October 23-24, 2023

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Results of the 2022 conference

On December 14, 2022, the III International Scientific and Practical Conference Cooperation and Sustainable Development was held at the Russian University of Cooperation. More than 300 people from 50 educational organizations took part in the scientific conference.

The moderator of the plenary session of the Conference was Olga Kaurova, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research, Russian University of Cooperation.

Alsu Nabiyeva, Doctor of Economics, Rector of the Russian University of Cooperation, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

Alsu Rustemovna noted that at present, cooperation is a driver of regional economic growth and scientific and practical conferences are an excellent opportunity to exchange best practices, improve the level of professional competencies of specialists.

An important role in maintaining the sustainable development of cooperation is played by student projects and start-ups, which make it possible to receive support from representatives of the consumer cooperation system after successfully defending their theses.

Alsu Rustemovna thanked the research teams of the institutes (branches) of the Russian University of Cooperation and the teams of partner universities for their diligent and productive research work.

A lot of honored guests from the field of science and higher education took part in the scientific-practical Conference:

- Doctor of Economics, Professor, Rector of the Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperatives Svetlana Lebedeva;

- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Rector of the Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives Valentina Bakaitis;

- Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Rector of the Belgorod University of Economics and Law Cooperation Elena Isaenko;

- Master of Laws, Director of the Department of Science and Strategic Development, Senior Lecturer of the Central Kazakhstan Academy Gulnazym Sharipova;

- Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Director of the Research Institute of Economic and Legal Research of the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz Talgat Khanov;

- Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Fundamentals of Spirituality of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek Niginahon Shermukhamedova.

After the end of the plenary session, the Conference continued with the work of sections:

- Section No. 1 - The role of consumer cooperation in the development strategy of wholesale food markets;

- Section №2 - Innovative solutions to the problems of modern society in the research of scientists;

- Section No. 3 - The quality of education and the formation of the intellectual potential of society;

- Section No. 4 - Challenges of the present and strategies for sustainable development of the economy in the new reality;

- Section №5 - Development of law, improvement of legislation in a globally changing world;

- Section №6 - International cooperation in the field of sustainable development: exchange of knowledge, information, technologies.

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