IV International Scientific and Practical Conference

Cooperation to support the development of corporate social responsibility for green business and economic growth

Russian University of Cooperation, Mytishchi, Russia

October 23-24, 2023

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Conference participants
CAREFULLY read all the necessary steps to submit an article. All authors/co-authors must have an ORCID, otherwise you will not be able to receive a certificate of participation.

Step 1. Prepare the manuscript in accordance with the requirements. Incorrectly formatted manuscripts cannot be accepted for consideration

For detailed information, see the requirements for the design of articles. The title of the article is in Russian (maximum length of the title is 10–12 words). Informative, concise, corresponds to the scientific style of the text, fully reflects the subject, theme and the main purpose of the article.

The title of the article is in English. When translating the title of the article into English, it is unacceptable to use transliteration from Russian into Latin, except for untranslatable names of proper names, devices, and other objects; also, terms known only to Russian-speaking specialists are not used. It is undesirable to use abbreviations and formulas.

The article must contain UDC (select code according to UDC reference).

The submitted text of the manuscript must correspond to the topic of the conference and reflect the results of the research conducted. It is not allowed to send to the Organizing Committee already published works or those works that have been sent for publication to other publications and are under consideration.

All received manuscripts of articles are checked for the presence of unformatted text borrowings. The originality of the text of the work must be at least 85%. No more than 5 co-authors.

The manuscript must have the following sections::

  • Intro;
  • Methodology;
  • Results;
  • Conclusion;
  • List of sources.
  • The manuscript must have high-quality research material, including a description of the problem, the formulation of questions, a description of the methods used in the data collection process and their analysis.

    Intratext references to literature and the bibliography itself are exclusively formatted according to APA standards. It is recommended to use foreign scientific literature published in scientific journals indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases. The use of Internet resources that do not contain scientific information should be minimized, as well as textbooks and teaching aids. The list of sources should contain no more than 10 percent of the sources, the author of which is the author himself.

    Works past peer review will published Springer 's _ Monographs Corporate Social Responsibility to the Green Growth of Business and Economy and Sustainable Cooperation for the Creation of Green Supply Chains Based on Environmental Technologies and Responsible Innovations' with subsequent indexing V base Scopus data .

    For the provision of information and consulting services, a fee of 35,000 rubles is charged. This cost includes: placement of scientific material in a scientific publication, translation of material into English, copyright registration for the Springer publishing house. Payment for the publication of an article is made only after notification of the acceptance of the manuscript for publication and is made according to the contract and invoice sent by the review department of INK (INK-GROUP LLC).

    Basic info:

    Step 2: Apply for the conference

    After completing the manuscript in accordance with the requirements, you should fill out an application for participation in the conference in the electronic form located at the bottom of the page.

    Please note that individual ORCID numbers will be required when registering. Where can I get them?

    During the registration process, you will need a file with the text of the article manuscript ready for downloading. Please prepare the text in advance in the format *.doc or *.docx.

    Step 3: Wait for review results

    All received manuscripts undergo a review procedure. As a rule, the review period for a manuscript is about 40 calendar days.

    Step 4. Take part in the conference

    The program with information about the participants and their reports will be pre-published on the website. There is no need for additional online registration.

    Conference proceedings will be published within one year of the conference.

    Filling an Application Online

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